The See Red Book

A full colour 184 page book of our posters, See Red Women’s Workshop: Feminist Posters 1974-1990,  is now available in many independent bookshops. Sheila Rowbotham wrote a wonderful forward for us, and See Red members collaborated on writing the groups history. It features all of our original posters, alongside others commissioned for radical groups and campaigns. The book was designed by the fantastic Claire Mason and  is published by Four Corners, selling at £19.99.


Four Corners hosted a launch of the book at Raven Row, packed with old and new faces. Here’s a pic of some of us at the launch (and one of our sisters from Women in Print):



We’ve had some great reviews on various websites and blogs. Here’s a nice quote from ‘lipstick socialist’, “This is a brilliant book, one that I hope  will inspire people,  both  women and men,  to believe that we can make a difference –  but only through a more collective viewpoint about politics and  creating a better world.”

Liz McQuiston respected feminist author of major publications on activist graphics, also  reviewed the book, in an article called The legacy of the See Red Women’s Workshop for  the design mag Creative Review.

Monika Parrinder, design writer and critical studies lecturer at London’s Royal College of Art reviewed the book in a piece called Activism follows anger, for the winter 2017 edition of Eye magazine.

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